About us

Unit4 Polska

Unit4 Polska is one of the largest and most experienced providers of business software - ERP, HR, Business Intelligence class in Poland for medium-sized and large companies and the public sector. The company is specialised in developing innovative IT systems supporting key areas of company operations (finances, HR and payroll, logistics, production, etc.) in view of changes occurring inside companies and in their business environment. Find out more about Unit4 Polska.

International Unit4 Group

Unit4 Polska is a part of the international Unit4 group and operates branches in 24 countries all over the world. Find out more about Unit4.

Unit4 Polska Group

Unit4 Polska is the core of the Unit4 Polska capital group composed of four Polish companies: Unit4 Software Engineering, Unit4 TETA HR Center, UNIT4 TETA BI Center, InsERT and VT-Soft in Hungary. Find out more about the Unit4 Polska Group.